Happy Propose Day 2018 SMS for Girlfriend & Boyfriend | Happy Propose Day Quotes

Happy Propose Day 2018 SMS for Girlfriend & Boyfriend

Season of Love is about to come. As all of you know that one of the major festival of European countries, Valentine’s Day is Celebrated on 14th February by the youngsters as well as by elders. I think if you are here so chances are high that you are a Lover and want to wish your Valentine by some cool Happy Propose Day 2018 SMS for Girlfriend & Boyfriend. Valentines’ Day is the most beautiful day for lovers. In this Day Mostly lovers go to watch the romantic movies or for a long drive. They give many gifts to each other on the valentine day. Mostly Boys give Teddy Bears to the Girls because they like it.

At Last, you can say that it is a great day to show your girl or I should say your princess that how much you love her. And Happy Propose Day 2018 SMS for Girlfriend & Boyfriend are one of the ways by which you can show your lover or your valentine that you love her or him so much. 

Happy Propose Day 2018 SMS for Girlfriend & Boyfriend

Happy Propose Day 2018 SMS for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

So Checkout Some Latest and Unique Happy Propose Day 2018 SMS for Boyfriend just from Our Site which are exclusively available for you.

Happy Propose Day 2018 SMS for Girlfriend & Boyfriend

Happy Propose Day Dear SweetyI never saw In My Life…so sweet a face…As That I stood before….My heart has left..It is dwelling place….& can return no more Be with me forever..

For my part,,I consider that it will be found,Much better by all parties,To leave The past to history,Especially as I propose,To write that history myself.I Love You.. 

Take her back to the 1st restaurant where,
‘U’ dined & surprise her with the ring…
‘U’ can arrange for the waiter to present
It to her with the dessert….
Have Very Happy Valentines Day.. 020614 1545 HappyPropos2 Happy Propose Day 2014 SMS for Girlfriend & Boyfriend
In this whole world U R just somebody,
& for somebody U R the whole world….
That stupid somebody is me.???
I love u sO somebody…
Happy Propose Day this somebody..
If..?? Roses were Black & violets were brown,
My love for “U” would never be found .!!
But “Roses” R red & violets are blue…
All I want to say Just is..!!!
I LOVE “U” So Happy Propose Day..
‘U’ “R” like the sunshine <….> so warm,
‘U’ “R” like sugar <…. >so sweet,
‘U’ “R” like you…..
And that is the reason Dear ..
why I love you So Much …
Hum Harr pal tumhare bare mein hi sochtey hain
k pyar ka iqraar tumhaare taraf se ho …
Q k hamhare equarar se, Hum inqaar se darte hain…
plzzz … Dont Mind …
Happy Propose Day..
You Should Know That..
Love is like a golden chain..
That links our hearts 2-gether..
& if u evr brk that chain..
u will break my hrt 4ever..
1 Larka 1 Larki Ko Propose Karta Hai.
Boy: I Love U..
Girl : Thapar Marungi.
Saraiki Boy: ty phir mukka v khaaengi.. 020614 1545 HappyPropos3 Happy Propose Day 2014 SMS for Girlfriend & Boyfriend
Simply just Two Line …
I wish you a very Happy Propose Day 2018.
I Love you>>>>
My Feelings Get Stronger day by day,
To Be In Ur Arms,
I Can not Wait Any Longer.!!!
Look Into My Eyes and u will See That It is True,
Day and Night My Thoughts are Of you..
Dresses Code For the Feb 14
Blue >–< Free
Green >–< Waiting
Orange >–< Going To Propose
Pink >–< I am Available
Black >–< I am not looking For U
Can u tell me the solution plz???
You Can do .. !!
I’m not getting proper way to
Propose You.
Plz Tell Me…
Waiting for you answer..
If I !!!
Reached For Your White Hand… Will U Hold It???
If I !!!
Hold Out My Soft Arms… vil you Hug Me???
If I !!!
Go For Your Pink Lips… vil you Kiss Me???
If I !!!
Capture your Loveful Heart… vil tou Love Me???
Propose Day Quotes For Engineer
Engineer Ask A Girl..!!!
will you plz marry me.
And gave 3 options.
a). Yes
b). a)
c). b)
Plz Select One option.
Strong Way To Easy Propose:
What A Lovely ropose From A Boy
Here We go…..
Boy: Would You Mind,
Sharing Your Address With Me
Girl: ???
Why I Do That ???
Boy: Because That Is !!!
Where I Would Take My Marriage Vows One Day..
Funny Propose Day  Sms In Hindi

-> Xcuse me
-> jee kahiye janaab.
-> Mere hone wale bachon ki taraf se…
aapko Happy Mother’s DAY..
Khataak Apko Happy Sandle Day…
Paa jee kaddi hass v leya karo..
>No other terms than…
>unconditional & immediate surrender.
>I >>> propose to move immediately upon ur works.
Happy Propose Day 2018..
Each religion…>>
by the help of more or less…>>>
myth which it takes more or less seriously,
proposes some method of fortifying the
human soul and enabling…>>>
it to make its peace with its destiny.

Happy Propose Day 2018 SMS for Girlfriend

Happy Propose Day 2018 SMS for Girlfriend & Boyfriend


Happy Propose Day 2018 SMS for Girlfriend

Sms are the best way to special on this Special Day of Propose Day which is a part of Valentines Day 2018. Below are the some best Happy Propose Day Sms and Happy Propose Quotes which you just have to Copy and Send then to your Loved ones.

Govt K proposal …
Government proposes,
bureaucracy disposes.
And the bureaucracy must dispose of government
proposals by dumping them on us.
samajh i ????
nahi /…
choro …
Happy Propose Day 2018…
Love is the condition,,,
in which the happy-ness of another person,,,
is essential to ur own.
love u …
happy Propose’s day dear..
Lyf ends when u stop dreaming…
hope ends when u stop believing..
and sadly love ends when u stop caring.
So Care your love…
happy Propose Day 2u..
Propose Day Tips..
Yun raaton ko na jago
So lia karo yaaro….
Yun dil mai aansu na roko
Ro lia karo yaaro…
Baal to bohat achy bnatay ho
Kbi moun bhi dho lia karo.
tabhi to koi larki tujh se nahi set nai hoti…
apne bhai k nakshe kadam par chalo…
aur shaan se geo..
At This Propose Day …
I Am Opening,
An Emotional Bank Account,
That is Only For You Sweetheart,
So .. Deposit Your All Love In It,
& You Will Get The Interest Be My Valentine.
Through all the changes  in my life,
ur luv has remained constant
& unconditional.
Though at timz  u may have questioned,
worried or wndred…
u nvr stopped lving me.
On this day of love
I want u 2 know how very much that means.
u who hv lvd me frst, and love me best.
Thank u 4 all the luv u have shared.
thank u very much
Happy Propose’s Day
Fond thoughts r coming ur way..
We have always had a special connection,
So Happy this sweet & cute Propose’s Day!
enjoy it fully…
My LOVE for u is a journey,
Starting at For-ever…
And Ending at Never-ever.,,,
I Love you Ayesha
Happy Propose day..
I wanted 2 send u all my love…
But the postman said it was tooooooo big…
how can i send ?
U kissed my lips..
and I flt a flutter in my heart,
u touched my hand…
and lit a spark in my body,
u stared into my eyes…
and saw straight in2 my soul,
u put ur arms around me…
and I was finally complete…
so always with me …
never ever leave me alone …
Happy Propose Day!!
I do not know how 2…
write grt msgs in cards,
but I want 2 let u…
know how special u r 2 me.
u r awesome!….
Happy Propose day!

Love so much my heart is sure.
As time goes on…
I love u more…
ur happy smile….
ur loving face…
no-1 will ever…
take ur place….
Wish u a….Very
Happy Propose Day!!

Happy Propose Day 2018 SMS for Girlfriend & Boyfriend


Happy Propose Day 2018 SMS for Boyfriend

Here in this Post we have selected some of the best Happy Propose Day Quotes for Boyfriend from internet and made this beautiful collection of Happy Propose Day Quotes and Happy Propose Day Sms . Boyfriend is always a special guy for a girl and to make it more Special just copy these lovely Happy Propose Day Quotes and send then to your Boyfriend.

Ek ada aapki Dil churane ki,
Ek ada aapki Dil me bus jane ki,
Chehra apka chand sa,
aur ek zid hamari chand pane ki!
I never saw so sweet a face
As that I stood before.
My heart has left its dwelling place
And can return no more.
Be with me forever.
 The knee lay upon a smile & rose,
He says aloud be my wife today, now i propose…
Happy Propose day 2018
I am opening an emotional bank account for u sweetheart
So deposit your love in it and you will get the interest.
Be my partner
I Love You For Not
What You Are
But What I Become
When I Am There With You
SO Be With Me Forever
8. I Have No Heart
I have a heart n that is true,
But now it has
gone from me to u
So care for it just like i do,
B’COZ i have no
heart n u have tw
 As Days Go By
As days go by, my feelings get stronger,
To be in your arms, I can’t wait any longer.
Look into my eyes & you’ll see that it’s true,
Day & Night my thought r for U..
The sweetest way to propose:
“Excuse me, do you have a band aid,
Because i scrapped my knee
When i fell in love with you
Cho Chweet
If I reached for your hand, will u hold it?
If I hold out my arms, will u hug me?
If I go for your lips, will u kiss me?
If I capture your heart, will u love me??
Did you know they changed the alphabet?
They put U and I together.
Happy Propose Day 2018
 I propose all my friends for lifetime Friendship
With full dedication,
no complaints,
No Demands
I am opening an emotional bank account for u sweetheart
So deposit your love in it and you will get the interest.
Happy Propose Day.
 When I hear you
My Heart soars high
When I See You
I know the Reason Why
So Let Me Hold Your Hand & Make You Mine
For That Would Intoxicate Me Like Sweet Wine…
I looked over at him. Is that a proposal?
I am not sure. It just popped out.
Would Explane Me …??
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