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How to Ask a Girl to be Your Valentine [Creative Ways]

How to Ask a Girl to be Your Valentine

Ah! Asking a girl to be our Valentine this Valentine’s Day can be a big task for many boys because most men are scared to ask along with shyness and fear of rejection. If you also fall in the category of these boys, then this post is for you. Here we will see the top and variety of ways to ask a girl to be your Valentine. The scientific perspective and men’s general experience have tested and validated these strategies.

So, without wasting any time let’s dig the article for sweet and awesome methods on how to ask a girl to be your valentine. 

Be creative

People like creative individuals and women are no exception to it. Let’s consider a scenario where you are going to ask a girl with a lame Valentine’s card and without flowers or chocolates. There are very chances that a girl will say no to you. 

Now suppose another scenario where are with Valentine’s day that plays music on opening it and also you have written a sweet note with your own hands, then most probably the girl you make to make your Valentine will answer Yes. 

So, being creative is really important when you want a sure yes. Creativity can be anything, I’m not saying to buy 100 cards or a lot of roses, but I am saying whatever you planned for asking her, plan it in a creative way that nobody does normally. 

Look Great

Girls say looks do not matter to them but the fact is that looks matter a lot. You have also experienced this at any stage of your life, where a handsome takes the girl while a normal-looking guy remains single. So, before you go to ask her, groom yourself. 

Have a nice haircut, wear a cool and attractive shirt or t-shirt, put on clean bottom wear, and apply some pleasant-smelling perfume or deodorant. When you look neat and smell good then there is a high probability that you will get that girl. Colour also plays a crucial role, wear clothes of colour that are mostly loved by everyone. 

Thus, if you really want a girl this Valentine’s Day, groom yourself before you ask her.

Be Confident

A confident guy is much sexier and more attractive to ladies when compared to normal guys. When you are low on self-confidence, then, believe me, brother, no girl will say yes to your proposal. Confidence is the key to getting a girl. 

If you are low on confidence or feeling scared or have tons of thoughts regarding how to ask a girl to be your Valentine, then do not approach any girl because you will get rejection only. Instead, you work on yourself to boost your self-confidence. 

Take the help of YouTube videos to increase your confidence. Practice their techniques, speak in front of a mirror, and involve yourself in physical exercises. There are other things also which help you to boost confidence. Dig the YouTube and discover the most suitable trick to practice for at least 3-4 days before you go to ask her. 

A confident man receives a minimal rejection and when you are in high confidence, then there is no girl in this world who will say no to you. 

Use cute notes and lines

Girls like it when a boy does something different for them. When you write something funny or cute on your valentine’s card for her, she will love it. Your hand-written sweet note has a great potential to get a yes from a girl. It shows how much you care about her, how badly you want her as your Valentine, you a think a lot about her, and so on.

Moreover, when you ask her for becoming your Valentine, add some really cute line after or before the question of becoming your valentine. This increases your chances. Below are some fine examples of sweet and cute lines. 

 “I predict that you’ll be detained. My heart belongs to you.”

“I’m over holding my teddy bear in my arms. Would you swap it out?”

“Leave V-Day alone. I want to make U + Me Day.”

“I am thinking of you this Valentine’s Day morning. Why is that?”

“If I don’t meet your standards for Valentine’s date, then please lower your standards.”

You see, they are really interesting lines to ask a girl for becoming your Valentine. 

You must put lines like these on a card or text message to get a girl this Valentine’s Day. 

Take her on a dinner

Probably you have heard about this earlier and you are well aware of this technique. Asking a girl for dinner is the perfect way because if she is ready for dinner with you is an indication that she also likes you. If she says no for dinner, try to improvise the timing and day, if she is really interested in you she will yes to other timing. 

Take her to a restaurant that is romantic, builds a mood, is located at an awesome spot, and is less crowdy. Order her favourite food, have a great conversation, laugh together, and pay the entire bill. Before you drop her at her place ask her for being your valentine. Most probably you will get a YES. 

How to Ask a Girl to be Your Valentine [Secret tricks]

The five approaches mentioned are capable of getting a yes from a girl. But if you failed in this, I mean you are in lack time or scared enough to try these methods, then we have other ways. 

Asking directly her with flowers and chocolate can turn the table. Throwing a party for friends including her is also a good idea. Ordering food for her can surprise her and make her feel good about you. If you cook a dish for her, then it sets a wonderful platform for you to ask her. 

Thus, amazing the girl you like is the best way to make her your Valentine. Try these things and get a girl this Valentine’s Day. 


There is a simple answer to the question, “How to ask a girl to be your Valentine?” This Valentine’s Day, all you need to do to get a girl is to be self-assured, present yourself well, and ask creatively. The best methods using these components have been demonstrated. Try them to woo a woman because reading this post alone won’t get a girl; you must take action. So, my buddy, go ahead and ask her confidently and you won’t be single any longer.

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