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How to Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine (5+ Creative Ideas)

how to ask someone to be your valentine

How to ask someone to be your Valentine?

This is the question that leads you here. Hopefully, you are in the right place because you will discover some unique and sweet ways to ask a girl or boy to be your Valentine. 

We know 14 February is near and you want your favourite person with you. You want to go on a walk with them, you want to hold hands, you want a dinner with them, you want some romantic moments, but unfortunately, these things are in your head, not a reality. To turn your thinking into reality, we are here, with this post. 

Learn how to ask someone to be your Valentine in a creating way that they can’t refuse. We will see more than 5 different ways and methods of asking someone to be your partner on Valentine’s Day. Let’s get started. 

Simple powerful how to ask someone to be your Valentine

  • Valentine’s Day Card

I know you know this already and it’s pretty much common, but I will show you how this old-fashioned way works effectively when it is done with perfection and with little creativity.

You have handed over a lot of Valentine’s Day cards to your friends when you are in school and at University.  The same idea we will use with little change. 

You know the person whom you want to make your Valentine. Right? 

Now think about her/him, what things they like, what kind of humour they possess, what is their favourite song, and so on. 

Your next step will be going out and visiting stores that have a huge variety of Valentine’s Day cards. Look for the different Valentine cards that fit and relate to your favourite person. If they have a great sense of humour, then go with cards that are funny. 

Everybody has a favourite TV show, find a valentine card based on some TV serial which is their favourite show. If you can find such a card, they definitely going to love it. 

Another way to impress the person with a V card is cards with songs/music. You know their favourite song, right? If yes, then find Valentine’s day card that plays the song. Of course, their favourite one. If you found such a card, then believe me no other card is better than this one. 

Moreover, if you are unable to find such cards, then look for cards that are different. Unique colour, style, crafting, and any other element that makes it stand out from the other cards.  Cards with funny lines and pictures are also considered a good one for asking someone to be your Valentine.

Bonus Tip:- Always write some appropriate lines at the bottom of the card. This will make a strong impression of yours that you are very serious about them and you really want to be with them. 

  • Create a message 

When you are familiar with a person and you want them to be your Valentine, then writing a message is an excellent choice. You can write message on the sand, write something cute on cardboard, or you can hire an air writer to display your message at a particular time and place. 

These things increase the probability of YES because all of these require effort and enthusiasm which will make them believe that you are really interested in them. 

It is worth trying this unique way of asking someone to be your Valentine. Holding up the cardboard with words asking them a question, writing a message on the beach sand, or displaying message in the sky; definitely has a unique angle and sweet approach.

  • Deliver a cute gift 

Everybody loves gifts and so does your favourite person. Pick up a cute gift like a heart-shaped candy box, teddy bear, or anything that is related to love and romance, and get it to deliver at your favourite person’s place. Don’t forget to mention yourself and write something sweet while asking them to be your Valentine. 

Asking for becoming your Valentine through gifting is a wonderful idea when you are scared of rejection or no answer. Cute gifts create a nice image of you in their head which boosts yo the probability of Yes. So, consider this technique also.

  • Take help of Pet or Kid

If the person you like has a pet, then it is a good idea to involve that pet. Or even if you have a pet, it is a good idea to ask through a pet. Simply make your or their pet hold a small bucket or box in their mouth and command them to give that box or bucket to the person. Keep a small note in the box asking them will you be my Valentine? 

The same thing goes with a kid. Give them a note and request the kid to give it to the person. Believe this is really an effective and cute way to somebody for becoming your Valentine. 

This is really a cute and simple way to ask someone to be your Valentine. Try it and you will see a positive result. 

  • Poem or Letter

This can be old-fashioned, but it really works in this digital era. Writing a poem or letter for a person is a thing that will impress them instantly. A lot of people finds handwritten poem and letter super romantic because in the era of mobile and digital messages nobody bothers to write down a personalised message. 

Try this proven and effective way to get yes from a person. 

  • Have a Dinner together 

Before you ask them to be your Valentine, it is good to spend some time together eating at a restaurant or at home itself. When you ask them for a dinner together and you get yes then it shows their interest level in you. If they say no to dinner, then there is no chance that can be your Valentine. So, trying this method is worth it.

Select any nice and romantic place for dinner, have some good conversation, laugh together, and enjoy jokes. That’s all required for setting up a good stage to ask that person for becoming your Valentine. 

Instead, you can cook or order food at home and set up a romantic theme in a room. Eat together and have some fun conversations and ask them directly to be your Valentine this Valentine’s Day. Most probably you will get a yes. 

Final Thoughts

Setting up a good mood is the key to getting yes from a person whom you want to make your Valentine. The question of how to ask someone to be your Valentine has a lot to do with the way you are asking.  Whether you are asking through a Valentine’s Day card, or by personalised message, a poem and letter, or taking the help of a pet or kid; you need to add little creativity and cuteness. 

Try all of the methods mentioned in this article although you will not need to try all because the first or second way will work for you. If all of them gets failed, do inform us and we will bring some interesting ways to get a yes when you ask someone to be your Valentine. 


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