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Valentine or Valentine’s – Right way to spell it

Valentine or Valentine’s

Valentine or Valentine’s – What’s the correct way to write

A special day known as “Valentine’s Day,” which comes every year on February 14th. When writing Happy Valentine’s Day on a card for your loved one, the spelling of Valentines can be confusing. Valentine Day or Valentine’s Day? That is a point of contention, and we have provided a detailed explanation in this article.

In this post, we’ll go over all of the facts that will help you understand how to spell Valentine and Valentine’s Day correctly. Let’s get started with understanding the difference between them.

What’s the difference between Valentine and Valentine’s

To understand the difference between Valentine and Valentine’s, you will need to understand grammar. English grammar has the only role in deciding the correct form of writing Valentine. We will see more regarding the grammar aspect of spelling this word in our next sub-heading.

From the history, Valentine’s Day has an interesting story. There was a Saint named Valentine around A.D. 269 (3rd Century) and to his memorable work and commemorate his death, the 14th of February is stared to be celebrated as Valentine’s Day every year since middle age.

Basically, Saint Valentine is the name and when you use it to wish the day somebody you must write and speak as happy Valentine’s day because this day belongs to Saint Valentine. On the other hand, when you refer to valentine as a noun (name of a card), then you must not capitalise V, instead, you should say like where is my valentine? OR where is my Valentine’s Day card? Here’s the thing valentine stands for Valentin’s Day Card and in the second phrase we have cleared what card it is that’s why we capitalised V and D.

Moreover, when you are referring to a person as your valentine, then you should not capitalise the word “v”. For example- Will you be my valentine? Here the word valentine stands for a person.

Despite grammar and multiple ways to write the word valentine, it is more dependent on where we are using it and in what context we are using it. Let’s understand more about it in our next segment.

When and where to use Valentine

As far as we know that Valentine is a noun but what form does exactly it have? The answer is it has several forms of a noun, for instance, it is a proper noun when you are referring to Saint Valentine. You must capitalise the word “v” here because it stands for a name.

In the modern world, valentine is often referred to as a gift. People on 14th February asks “where is my valentine?” to their partners and loved one. Here the word “V” is not capitalised because it refers to a gift- a common noun.

In the other case, writing valentine as a singular and plural form, it got difference and we need to understand it properly. Let’s see what factors decide Valentine and Valentines.

Gifts can be one or more than one in numbers. Therefore for a single gift, you must use valentine and for more than one gift you should use valentines. Also for proper nouns i.e Saint Valentine, there is no such rule regarding singular and plural.

Keep these things in mind while writing the term valentine.

Now let’s see when to use the term Valentine’s.

When and where to use Valentine’s

When you are addressing the 14th February holiday, Valentine’s Day is the correct way to write with apostrophe and capitalisation.

Moreover, we know that St. Valentine is the reason behind valentine day which makes it more necessary to use an Apostrophe because it is a possessive formation. So, the suffix ‘S is essential.

Here are some examples of the same.
We are going to Rome this Valentine’s day.
I and Laila are expecting our childhood friend Mark this Valentine’s Day.

You must use an apostrophe when mentioning holidays like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s Day because these holidays are named behind a single person(noun) rather than a plural noun. Always remember this.

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Final Thoughts

Valentines or Valentine’s- it all depends upon where and when you are using it. The role of grammar is huge in deciding which one is correct. The identification of proper nouns and common nouns is essential for writing down it in the right spelling. To not get embarrassed, go through this article closely and carefully to master the knowledge of when to write valentines and Valentine’s.

The game of understanding this is easy when you get the basic idea of singular and plural nouns along with identifying proper and common nouns. Still, if you face any difficulty or have any doubts, do ask our experts by mentioning your query in the comment box. Lastly, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter because we regularly post content about Valentine’s day and stuff related to it.

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