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Best Valentines Movies for Kids to Watch at Home

Valentines Movies for Kids

Valentine’s Day is great for adults- going out for dinner, receiving and handing over gifts, spending quality time with a partner; but what for kids? Well if you also think this way, then we got a freaking list of Valentines Movies for kids. You can watch these movies with your kids because they will not bore you, your kids will enjoy them, and as a family, you will have a quality time. 

Buckle up for the awesome list of Valentine’s movies for kids to watch at home because you don’t want to keep your kids apart from the celebration as Valentine’s day holiday is for them also. So, let’s see the list. 

List of Valentines Movies for Kids 

Let’s talk about movies for toddlers and kids aging up to 13 years old. We will see some more movies for children above 13 (teens) in our next section. Below is the list of Valentine’s movies for kids to make them feel loved and special on Valentine’s Day. 

  • Lady and the Tramp(2019)

This musical romance film is essentially a remake of the 1955 film “Lady and the Tramp.” This Disney film depicts “Lady” (an American Cocker Spaniel puppy) and “Isaac,” a street dog. The film has a terrific storyline with ups and downs that will keep your child engaged throughout.  The movie perfectly demonstrates that a home is built by the people with whom you live not by the surroundings. This is a film that both your toddler and your elementary school-aged child will enjoy.

  • The Princess and Frog (2009)

This film, released by Walt Disney Pictures, is based on the novel “The Frog Princess.” This film features an intriguing plot about an ambitious girl who becomes a frog because of a curse. The girl isn’t the only one affected; a few others have also been transformed into some sort of creature, and they are all working together to destroy/reverse the curse and return to their normal lives. This animated film will appeal to children because it contains many humorous moments as well as a touching tale.

  • Enchanted (2004)

This animated film is action-packed and features a compelling fantasy plot. A devil lady pusses a girl into a well in this film. This lovely girl is on her way to becoming a Princess. Fortunately, her daughter and a handsome man assist her in returning home. The film contains many action scenes, songs, and funny moments that will hold your and your children’s attention throughout the film.

  • Cinderella (2015)

You might have heard about this awesome movie for kids. The main character “Cinderella” have strong faith in her dreams to come true. The entire movie revolves around her and her dreams. This film is full of magical stuff and awesome scenes and a handsome prince. This is the perfect movie to watch on Valentine’s day with kids at home. 

  • The Princess Diaries (2001)

This movie is all about fantasy. Mia the main character girl wishes to become a princess and the story goes with it. The movie shows hope Mia’s friends treat her before and after they get to know about her princess role. Your kids will definitely love this movie as it includes children, school, and a fantasy storyline. 

So, now that you’ve seen our top picks for Valentine’s Movies for Kids, let’s see which films you can watch with your teen children on Valentine’s Eve.

Valentines Movies for Teens and Older Kids

  • A Walk to Remember (2002)

This beautiful movie represents how London and Jammie grow and nurture their relationship. Later the boy “London” finds out Jammie has some kind of serious disease that will reduce her years of living. This high-school love story movie has a great potential to hold the interest of your kids throughout. 

  • The Little Rascals (1994)

This 90’s comedy movie masterpiece is worth watching when you and your kids are fond of comedy. The main character Alfalfa tries to impress Darla(his crush) in the movie. While his friends don’t want him to be with her and interrupt him. They also throw funny comments and actions that will make you laugh. This can be your perfect film as Valentine’s movie to watch at home with kids. 

  • Always Be My Maybe (2019)

This romantic comedy movie will make your kids understand that love required mutual choices and interests. The heavy comedy in this movie will keep you and your kids in front of the screen all the time. Sasha and Marcus(lead roles) are childhood friends and meet after a gap of 16 years. They start to feel dissimilarities between them and find it hard to love each other. There were other problems too but eventually both end up together- a happy ending. This Valentine’s Day gives a try to this movie with your kids. 

Some other popular Valentines Movies for Kids

Apart from the films listed above, there are a number of other popular kids movies that can be enjoyed with the family on Valentine’s Day. Let’s have a look at them quickly.

Benji (2018)

The Peanuts Movie (2015)


Stargirl (2020)

Over the Moon(2020)



Wish Dragon(2021)


Above movies are worth watching with kids when it is a movie night at home. 


When it comes to movie genres, Valentine’s Movies for Kids knows no bounds. All you have to do is determine your and your children’s favourite movie genres and find a suitable movie. Turning Valentine’s night into a movie night and enjoying it with the kids and family is a great idea. This article includes a list of all-time great movies to watch with kids, particularly those with Valentine’s theme. If you believe we have left any movies off the list, please let us know by stating the title in the comments section.

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