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When Do You Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine

When Do You Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine

When do you ask someone to be your valentine? This is the most insane question for many of us. When you like someone and you have a great friendship with them, then it is obvious that you are scared to ask them for being your valentine because there are chances of losing that person as a friend.

Moreover, when you are unsure about the perfect timing for asking someone to be your valentine. If this is the scenario for you, then this article is for you. Because we will see what is the right time to ask a person to be your valentine along with how to ask them for the same. Let’s dive in for more.

Who should you approach about being your Valentine?

The very first answer to this question is the person you like. It is natural that you must ask a person whom you like for being your valentine. But it is also necessary that the person should also like you, then only you two can valentine for each other.

How to know that person likes you?  Well, this can be a huge debate topic because there are lots of things that indicate that a person is really interested in you. For instance, if they like to spend time with you, they reply to your all messages and calls, they are friendly with you, they go out to eat, they don’t hesitate to introduce you to their friends, and so on. If these are happening with you, then that person definitely likes you and they want to be more than friends (not in all cases though).

If you have a person like this and you like them too, then he or she is the right person to ask to be your valentine on this Valentine’s Day.

When do you ask someone to be your valentine? (the right time)

After you know that the person likes you and you decided to go further by asking them to be your Valentine, the timing must be perfect for an absolute Yes. Generally speaking, a week prior to Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to ask someone. There is a good possibility that if you ask someone a week before Valentine’s Day, they won’t have any plans with anyone on that day.

It is also believed to ask someone in the initial days of February month is a good idea. Since most probably they haven’t made any plans for Valentine’s Day. If you ask them early, they can say yes and you two have an awesome Valentine’s Day.

As you are the first to approach them and inquire, you have a better chance of getting a yes if you ask early. So, consider asking a week or two weeks before Valentine’s Day. mostly probably you will end up together with that person.

How to ask someone to be your Valentine?

We have published a detailed article on this topic on this very same site. But here’s a quick guide on how to ask someone to be your Valentine.

  • Get well dressed and groomed

It is important to look good when you are going to ask someone for being your valentine. Get yourself in a nice dress, have some decent watch on your wrist, have a decent haircut, smell good, and have a facial in a salon. This is it. Your appearance is up to the mark with these things.

  • Be confident

Doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, confidence is sexy. A woman likes a confident guy, and a man likes a confident woman. There are very few chances that someone will refuse when you confidently ask them to be your Valentine. There are some exceptions too like if a person is already in a relationship or they are not interested in dating.

  • Get a Gift

Buying Valentine’s day card or flowers or chocolates is a nice idea when you are going to ask someone for being your Valentine. Gifts show that you are really into them and you badly want them as your Valentine. So don’t forget to take a gift with you.

  • Ask them in a funny way

When you make someone laugh it indicates they like your company. To increase your chances, being funny is the correct approach. Text them something funny and sweet while asking them to be your Valentine.

There are other ways to ask for yes which we described in another article on this website. Go check out that too for better understanding.

Bottom Line

When you are seeing a person who is friendly with you, don’t hesitate to spend time with you, go out with you, and you like them more as a friend, then he or she is the right person to ask for being your Valentine. This is what we saw in the article. If this type of person exists in your life, then ask them a week or two weeks before Valentine’s day for becoming your valentine this 14th of February.

Still, you are not clear about the topic, you ask our dating experts by putting up your question in the comment section. Our experts will assist you in the best possible way.

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